The Healing Place: Rape Crisis Center of Henderson County


By Mary Ickes


Mission Statement: To provide specialized services to help men, women, and children recover from sexual violence.


The most common response when friends heard that I was writing about The Healing Place was, “What’s that?” After I explained that The Healing Place provides services to victims of sexual violence, most replied, “I thought that was Mainstay.” Though domestic violence and sexual violence may be inclusive in a case, Mainstay and The Healing Place each provide unique services for assisting men, women, children, and families. Continue reading

A Tale of Two Healers: Part Two


By Julie Savage Parker


When Ashley Case wakes up in the morning, she dresses, kisses her husband and children goodbye, and goes to work where she changes out of her street clothes… and into scrubs. Then the transformation from mommy to Dr. Case is complete as she prepares for surgery and her work as a gynecologic oncologist. Continue reading

Food For Thought: Bountiful Summer—Use It, Save It, or Lose It!


By Sandy McCall


Summer can be such a busy time but the food bounty won’t last forever, so it’s good to think winter, even if you don’t like to. You can dry, can or freeze some of your garden bounty or the extra items you buy from local farmers or the grocery store. Have you considered a Fall garden? Read on! Continue reading

Women, Spirit and Money: Reciprocity as Relationship – The Spiritual Economics of Value and Worth


By Sherri L. McLendon


When we ask, “How may I help or serve?” we honor the principle of relatedness in service through our business. When you offer a solution to another’s problem in the sacred tradition of reciprocity, it initiates a cycle allowing you, too, to open to receive. Continue reading

Become a Business Magnet: Summer Sales Slump – It’s More In Your Mind Than Reality!


By Saralyn Collins


Do your sales results come to a screeching halt or slow down significantly during the summer?


I hear this a lot, and I’m a bit baffled. Continue reading

Pam Noble: Singleminded Closeness To The Earth


By Janis Gingermountain


Pam Noble lives a well-defined life, one that’s clearly and carefully shaped according to her devotion to Mother Earth. All that she is and does aligns with her intention to find solace and purpose in nature, and to help other women do the same. Pam is a seeker whose life could be defined by Kierkegaard’s maxim, “Purity of heart is to will one thing.” Continue reading

Women Making Music: All About Eve Haslam


By Peggy Ratusz


Following her father’s footsteps, Eve Haslam has a passion and dedication to the art of music. As early as fifth grade, when she and her dad, Herb Haslam co-wrote a 4 part chorus piece for her school choir, to high school, when she was selected to join an a-capella group, and later moving onto study the Bel Canto technique with renowned opera coach James Patridge, her path is strewn with milestones. Continue reading

The Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy


By Conserving the mountains


Since 1974, the Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy (SAHC) has protected over 63,000 acres of important land and water resources. SAHC’s mission is to conserve the unique plant and animal habitat, clean water, farmland and scenic beauty of the mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee for the benefit of present and future generations. They achieve this by forging and maintaining long-term conservation relationships with private landowners and public agencies, owning and managing land, and encouraging healthy local communities. The non-profit land trust celebrates its 40th Anniversary this year. Continue reading

Mindfully Yours: Kicking the Bucket List


By Judith Toy


An old church custom held that after death when a body was laid out, the holy-water bucket was brought from the church and placed at the feet of the corpse. When friends came to pray they would sprinkle the body with holy water. To continue with this speculation to “stretch one’s legs” is one of the body’s classic responses at death. In fact, in Spanish, Estirar la pata or “Stretch one’s legs” means “to die.” So assuming that the church officials brought the bucket to the feet of the dying in anticipation of their passing, we can see at least one possibility of how the phrase “Kick the Bucket” came about. Continue reading

The ABCs of Organizing: G” is for Gemstones … Confessions of an Organizer!


By Sophia Noll


“G” is for Gemstones… Yep! You read correctly… I’m changing it up with this month’s article and taking some creative liberties. As a Professional Organizer I’m admitting that I too have the propensity to bring into my space more rather than less, as in Gemstones, Rocks, and Minerals… Oh My!! As I sat in my room, contemplating what to write this month, I became aware of how DISTRACTED I was by my beautiful companions. I lost my focus! And instead of writing about “How To Organize _______,” I found myself writing about my gemstones, which lead me down the rabbit hole that follows. Continue reading


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