Follow Up On Community Resilience Challenge!

| By Laura Lengnick | Community Resilience Challenge Counts 980 Acts of Resilience in May


Women Making Music: The Raging Soul and Tender Heart of Ashley Heath

I struggled a bit pinning down an interview with Ashley Heath. Catching the same virus, we spit, sputtered and coughed our way through our fourth attempt to get together so that I could submit this feather. But a prolonged chest …


Will WNC Kids Be Able to Come Home?

| By Leslie Frey | It’s been named one of the Tastiest, Hippest, Most Romantic, Most Beautiful, Happiest, Most Alive places to live. People of all generations are flocking to live in Western North Carolina.


The Many Amazing Health Benefits of Slow-Processed Cold-Pressed Juices

| By Medea Galligan, MS Nutriton, CHHC, AADP | By now, many of you have heard about the benefits of “juicing” but may still be wondering HOW drinking juices can REALLY help you get healthier. Believe it or not, there …


Healthcare with an Open Door Policy: Blue Ridge Community Health

| By Lee Homan with Mary Ickes | When I began speaking with Blue Ridge Community Health Services (Blue Ridge Health) about writing an article, I realized that their story about the need for healthcare services in our region, and …


New Life: Four Seasons Compassion for Life Intern Alyse Cannaday, R.N. Shares Her Care Journey

The rapid rise of recent nursing school graduates to care management, collaborative team leadership, and highly competent care giving within the specialty of hospice inspires admiration and respect.


Food For Thought: Fruit, Fruit … Glorious Fruit! Or Are They Really Veggies?!

There has always been confusion over whether certain foods are really fruits or vegetables. The answer is really about who is asking the question. Are you a gardener/botanist or a chef/home cook? If you are a gardener, the botanical definition …


One Plus One Equals Power

| By Lisa Thomas | How often are you feeling stagnant in a sea of concern that your message is not being conveyed to those who have the final say? How many times have your ideas fallen on deaf ears? …


Empowering Women: The Victory Celebration

| By Jeanne Crane | Does the road wind up-hill all the way? Yes, to the very end, Will the journey take the whole day long? From morn to night my friend ~ C. J. Rosetti


Accounting Software for Small Businesses and Solo-Entrepreneurs

| By Alicia Sisk-Morris, CPA, ME | In this month’s edition of WNC Woman, we are focusing on women’s impact on growing our local economy. Many WNC women are following their dream by starting a business or creating and building …